Something More, By Jada Brown

Something More

 By Jada Brown

I’ve always had a passion for stage performance. Whether it be a dancing, singing, or acting, I wanted to be center stage. I wanted to be something more. From childhood up, I loved the art of performance. Anything involving a public performance I was willing to participate in. There’s something more about being in the center of that stage that fills me with excitement.

Applause is all I look forward too after stage performances. It feels like an energetic burst in my system that makes me want to relive the moment repetitively. Watching individuals stand to their feet, while they cheer, clap, and whistle, is a feeling of accomplishment. It brings forth a feeling of stardom, as if I’m watching my dreams unfold right before my eyes. I stand center on stage as the blinding lights beam down on me, while I listen to the cheerful noises of approval signaling that I’ve just done something great. Those moments bring forth validation that this is my path.

Through theatre, I’m expected to tell a story with my actions. Anyone can memorize lines and repeat what they read, but it’s something different to intrigue the audience with your words by making your actions appeal to their emotions. I’m expected to not only tell a story but livethe story. In order to do so, I become a character and relate to their background. I begin to understand their reasoning behind every action and use that knowledge to my advantage. Then only am I able to sell that perception of my character to my intended audience.

Acting became a tool of mine as I used it to tell many stories. I enjoyed hearing audience members react to particular lines or scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the applause at the end. But hearing the audience react to scene changes became thrilling for me. I feel as though there’s a dynamic interplay between the audience and the actor: as they “Ooo” and “Aww”, laugh and sigh.  As they respond with their live reactions, it feels as though we’re working together as I perform a show. I must say, I particulary enjoy the interplay between audience and stage because it gives me reassurance that I’m still holding their attention.

For a while, I stuck with doing straight plays (no musical insight). Once my school started doing musicals, I was capable of adding two extra factors-- singing and dancing! I love every bit of the experience, mainly because it assembles all three things I love to do together. It felt just like a Broadway experience, which then brought me to realization of where my interests lie. I knew this was something I wanted to do; there was no better way of combining the three. From then on, I’ve continued to pursue musical plays as I learn and polish all three of its components: acting, singing and dancing.

In this stage of my life, I want to acquire every aspect of my dream to be a performer. I began exploring each during childhood and plan to continue educating and advancing myself on every defined detail it takes to not only make my dream come true but live it as a lifestyle. In doing so, I must further my education, as I would like to hold a diploma in the area of performance. Who knows where my path will lead? But with education and my dedication to my craft, I will always be on the path to something more.

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