Eye Contact, By Angus Lockwood

Eye Contact

By Angus Lockwood

2 people in a once busy city now abandoned

By force

The year is 1945

The year the nazis surrendered

2 men Catch themselves looking at each other

One adorned with a spike on his head

The other adorned with a card, The ace of spades

Both are tired, Both Have heavy stubble on their face

Both are muddy and worn like their tools

Both are devastated

WIthout souls




Wishing they were without beating hearts

They stared at each other.

In the whites of the eyes,

they stared at each other

Wanting some peace of mind

They stared at each other

In Deep, Deep, thought

They stared at each other

Both in distraught

They stared at each other

Hate in their eyes, engulfed in their lies

They stared at each other

Waiting for the grand prize

They stared at each other

Victims of War

They stared each other

Waiting to hit the floor

They stared at each other

Took out their  revolvers

Loaded them with 1 bullet

And aimed straight for the head

There were 2 gunshots at the same time,  the ambulance rushed

In the morgue

They picked and poked at the war “heroes”

like stuffed toys

On the metal tables lifeless they lied

After careful analysis,

The cause of death was suicide.

Virginia ArcherComment