New South Story Lab


At the Story Lab, we believe that a community where everyone's voice matters is THE JAM SHAZAM. One thing we really dig is making that a reality for the New South. 

That's why we host free creative writing opportunities across the Red Stick. Our Saturday morning workshops are for teens who want to explore the storytelling path in an open, encouraging environment. Navigating the creative life can be daunting sometimes, especially when you're just starting out! That's why we think exploring with fellow-travelers is really good for the young writer. The only thing more terrific than writing is writing in good company.

Additionally, we at the Story Lab think it's really cool when a young writer gets to share their work with others. So, we find lots of fun ways to make that happen. Publishing projects, open mic events and essay contests are just a few of the opportunities we try to offer our city's young writers. Our hope is that every teen with whom we write will come to know that they have a unique voice and how to use it. That their journey as an emerging creative will be a little less scary, a lot more creative and chockfull of epic storytelling!

To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.
— Allen Ginsberg