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Volunteers are the bomb!

There are so many fun ways to get involved with New South Story Lab. Below are the main ways to contribute, so check 'em out and give us a shout! And feel free to reach out anyway if you have a cool workshop idea or a strategy for fostering storytelling that isn't already listed. Cheers!


The Story Lab’s work depends on the dedication and passion of our volunteer mentors, who host free workshops in creative writing, publishing, filmmaking and visual art. We’re always looking for passionate folks to help us create more arts-based educational opportunities for young storytellers. We host at least one 8-week studio in the spring, summer and fall, and for each workshop we need 2 volunteer-mentors to come up with creative writing prompts, literary devices and important writers for students to explore. As a mentor, you get to dream up what we write about! We could write about dystopian colonies, modern fairytales, far away alien civilizations. You name it! You can host studios in song writing, screenwriting, journalism, essay, graphic novels, and more. The sky’s the limit! Contact us today with your workshop idea, and we can discuss teaming up!



Story Lab hosts 3 writing workshops a year at the Main Library. We also host on-going outreach at the Baton Rouge Juvenile Detention Center. That means we need LOTS of interesting, thought-provoking curriculum for our students. We love partnering with teachers, former teachers and language arts buffs to come up with exciting topics for our workshops. If this sounds like you, let’s put our heads together.



Here in the South, we all know food makes the world go round! Story Lab is no exception. We do a lot of writing on Saturday morning with some very talented, GROWING adolescents. As you can imagine, every writer needs FUEL. That’s where the Snax Brigade comes in. They help mentors by either picking up or donating any of the following: doughnuts, orange juice, coffee, fresh fruit, baked goods..we love it all. If you can support Story Lab in this way, contact us today.


Story Lab loves to publish the work of young writers across the city. That’s the magical moment when a budding creative gets to experience the feeling of being a REAL author! Help us make that possible by joining the publications and editing team. There are a lot of great ways to contribute in this area: read and edit submissions, work with local design gurus to create the most beautiful chapbook ever and sit down with students one-on-one to give constructive feedback around the writing.



If you love reading, writing and the arts, but you’re more of the behind-the-scenes type, consider volunteering as a board member. Our board is a team of passionate believers, dreamers and schemers that make the important decisions that govern Story Lab. We are the core advocates of the Story Lab mission, and we are responsible for a whole lot of awesomeness.


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